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Busy Professional Person 

"I have been a patient of Dr.Friedman’s for years. Dr. Friedman is an excellent Neurologist and practices well above the standard in the community. He is innovative and constantly taking continued education to help his patients. Doctor Friedman is an extremely thorough and focused diagnostician who in the end saves his patients a lot of pain, suffering, time and money.  He always takes time to explain your condition and treatment options, making you part of the process.

Dr. Friedman’s staff are smart, efficent and caring-they even laugh-something I sure need with my serious condition. But more than that, they respect Dr. Friedman and this makes it a "team effort" where you are the focus of the team. Dr. Friedman thinks out of the box and offers innovative treatment modalities like electronic acupuncture.  This has really helped me and keeps the meds down-something that is a big plus to me.  I recommend Dr. Friedman to anyone who wants answers and help for their problem in a caring professional environment."

(review from vitals.com)

May 14th, 2012

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