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Best in Palm Beach County

"It didn't take long to see that he was extremely compassionate. Over the last 6 years, he has truly been a blessing. At this time, there isn t a cure for my spinal cord injury. Dr. Friedman has never made me feel like I should give up. I live in horrendous pain on a daily basis, but he never pushes crazy meds that he knows I wont take. In fact, I feel like he prescribes the least amount instead of the strongest.

He has always been very professional. I wouldn t consider ever changing doctors. I believe I have the best in Palm Beach County. I would also like to talk about his entire staff. I always feel welcome. They are very professional, but intimate at the same time. I love the entire office. If you have to see a Neurologist/Pain management, Dr Friedman is the only one to see."

--Becky (review from Yahoo.com)
5 stars out of 5 stars


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